Source code for juju.tag

# TODO: Tags should be a proper class, so that we can distinguish whether
# something is already a tag or not.  For example, 'user-foo' is a valid
# username, but is ambiguous with the already-tagged username 'foo'.

def _prefix(prefix, s):
    if s and not s.startswith(prefix):
        return '{}{}'.format(prefix, s)
    return s

[docs]def untag(prefix, s): if s and s.startswith(prefix): return s[len(prefix):] return s
[docs]def cloud(cloud_name): return _prefix('cloud-', cloud_name)
[docs]def controller(controller_uuid): return _prefix('controller-', controller_uuid)
[docs]def credential(cloud, user, credential_name): credential_string = '{}_{}_{}'.format(cloud, user, credential_name) return _prefix('cloudcred-', credential_string)
[docs]def model(model_uuid): return _prefix('model-', model_uuid)
[docs]def machine(machine_id): return _prefix('machine-', machine_id)
[docs]def user(username): return _prefix('user-', username)
[docs]def application(app_name): return _prefix('application-', app_name)
[docs]def unit(unit_name): return _prefix('unit-', unit_name.replace('/', '-'))
[docs]def action(action_uuid): return _prefix('action-', action_uuid)